How to Write Blog Posts Faster in 7 Easy Steps

Are you frustrated taking 4+ hours on a blog post? Don’t worry about that. I’m going to show you in 7 easy steps how to write blog posts faster so you can pump out more content in less time.  How to Write Blog Posts Faster You can break the entire time it takes to go […]

5 Crucial Reasons You Need A Blog Content Calendar

do you scramble to get your blog posts out on time? You don’t have to constantly feel stressed about your blog. All you need is a little spare time for planning and a blog content calendar! why you need a blog content calendar A blog content calendar is beneficial for bloggers because it:  Helps you […]

High Demand Blog Topics that Make $10,000 or more

did you see that pinterest pin that says “i make 6-figures from my blog?” It really is possible, but you have to be strategic. The TRUTH big bloggers won’t tell you: you need to narrow your blog down to one of a few high demand blog topics.  Why Choose High Demand blog topics? If you’re […]

6 Incredible Blog Resources: EVERYTHING You Need

It’s no joke that trying to start a blog can be super overwhelming, but this list of blog resources will show you everything you need to get started. BLOG RESOURCES: Domain & Web Hosting If you’re wanting to start your own blog, then you need to actually get the website itself! You have two options […]

Blog Goals: The Secret to Blog Success

Do you want to know the secret that most successful bloggers won’t tell you? It’s setting blog goals.  To be successful with your blog, you need to approach it in phases:  Getting started in the first place Setting blog goals the RIGHT way Being consistent once you start Let’s take a look at how to […]

This BEST Side Hustle If You Hate Your Job

“I Hate My Job… I Don’t Want To Work Anymore” Do you wake up every day, dreading getting out of bed? You think to yourself “I hate my job.” But then you go anyway. Why? Because money. It makes the world go around, it seems.  Insert THIS side hustle. I’m here to tell you right […]